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What a load of lies.
« Kou »

Name » Kyouya "Kou"
Age » ≈ 13
Gender » Male
Height » 4'10
Weight » 84 lbs
Country » Etrya
Village » Mallowley

    KOU is the youngest and only son of a wealthy merchant family, born in a village where each child is granted one ability, as determined by their parents. These abilities can range for superiority of everyday human activities, like fishing or baking, to actual inhuman powers. However, there are limitations on the power said abilities, and if one child is ever too powered, a natural human capability is taken in return.

      This shaggy-haired boy is part of an extremely wealthy merchant family consisting of a mother, father, and two older sisters. Thinking only of themselves and how to expand their riches upon Kou's birth, his parents wished for an ability to read the mind of another, in thought he'd be able to get inside someone's thoughts and find their weakness to haggle down the price of an item, or raise the price on something of their own. However, in this village, inhuman abilities come with a price, and his sight was taken, leaving him entirely blind for the rest of his life.

    Though there be many ways to describe Kou, he can best be summed up as histrionic, to the point of being almost overly theatrical. He's arrogant thanks to his power, using his ability to read oncoming attacks when he spars in his village's flat-sloped and smooth combat ground. He's never been able to beat a child gifted by their parents with fighting, though he is quite a match to the average person, and he likes to think he's well-known because of this fact in addition to his disability. However, upon leaving the village for his first business meeting in another village, he learns he is not at all as powerful as he thinks he is, making a complete fool of himself through his travels. He realizes he can only operate like "normal" if he uses others as a crutch.


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Yami sighed as she leaned against the fence that separated the park from the sidewalk, messing with the charm bracelet she wore on her wrist, deep in thought. Oh, wait, Hana may like that stuff bunny I saw at that store it still open? I think it closes at eight today...
Looking around, she spotted a shaggy-haired boy and went over to him, asking, "Excuse me, do you know what time it is...?" She then glanced around, "And which way the store is from here...?"
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